Thursday, June 26, 2008

I made it!

I made a cutesy craft thing...I will give the instructions for it now, and hopefully figure out how to do some pictures of it later. But for now, if you want to make a mini-scrapbook out of cards & envelopes...

You will need:
  • 4-5 greeting cards (purchased, handmade, etc...) of the same size, and same theme. It seems to work a little better (technically & aesthetically) when they are vertical cards with the fold on the left.
  • 4-5 envelopes to match cards - they will be slightly larger than the card, but that's okay.
  • Sticky strip or adhesive. (For sticky strip, I buy from, they seem to have the most sizes.)
  • 1/4" hole punch. Hand held, or a 3 punch with resizing options.
  • Book rings. (Office supply store, or office supply aisle of a local "everything" department store.)
  • Various bits of card stock, patterned paper, ribbons, staples, brads, etc. to decorate your envelopes & tags.
  • Photos - sized to fit your tags & envelopes. I used all wallet sizes - 2"x3".

  1. Hold your card with the folded side on the left. Use sticky strip or glue to close the bottom & right side of the card. Be sure to leave the top open. Do this for the rest of your cards.
  2. Use a 1/4 inch hole punch to put holes, evenly spaced, in the left (folded) side of the cards. Line up one of the hole punched cards with your envelopes & punch holes opposite the opening.
  3. Make tags to slip into the top of your cards. On the tags you can do journaling, pictures, or reminders from an event (ticket stubs, notes).
  4. To finish the envelopes, glue the flap to the inside of the envelope. Lick the glue strip like normal, but instead of gluing it closed, fold it into the inside.
  5. Put your additional photos or tags into the envelopes.
  6. Stack your cards and envelopes so you have a card first, then an envelope. Alternate until finished.
  7. To secure, use book rings in the holes. You can usually find them in the office supply areas.

I hope this makes sense without pictures! And I will get those up soon. (Hopefully!) I thought this was a cute idea b/c I end up with a LOT of cards being sent to me that I love & want to save...but then end up with a stack of cards that I can't do anything with. And I know my friends have put so much time & effort into them! Or I make cards...but don't send them. I'm really a bad pen pal. I did not use store-bought envelopes for this project. I made my own with a the paper of the envelope matched my cards.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just playin' around.

I did a little bit of goofing around with some of my settings & layouts. My slideshow doesn't work b/c I'm too new to flickr. I guess I've gotta wait for someone to make sure my pictures are safe! I am also getting ready to share my blog with actual people. Maybe I won't feel so much like I'm just talking to myself now. ;)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

In The Beginning...

...There was blog! This is my first blog.

So far, I just wanna start this up because I figure...It's about time. Blogs have been around for a while, and it seems like I'm the last one to jump on the blogwagon. I don't mind. See, I thought the world was going to why start up a blog if it was just going to get blown to smithereens? Prophecies have so far, been proved wrong. No world evacuations to Mars. Everything is still here. Cockroaches included.

I don't think this will be a themed blog. I have too much on my mind to be consistent. Let's see how things go. I might change my mind.

I'm a momma...a wifey...I could say "stay at home mom". But what's that like? Sit. Stay. Good mom. ? I don't think so. It's not quite like that. I work at home. But not that kind of work that makes money. Just the kind of work that has no pay...unless you get into the whole "parenting is it's own reward" kind of thing. Blahblahblog. Turning rebel infants & pre-schoolers into decent human beings is hard work. That is the work that I'm talking about. And between diapers, nursing, grilled cheese sandwiches, park days, waking nights, & educational cartoons...I get to be myself. Hopefully what I share will be half interesting enough to keep people coming back for more.

That's the David Copperfield of it all. Hope to do this again soon.