Saturday, June 21, 2008

In The Beginning...

...There was blog! This is my first blog.

So far, I just wanna start this up because I figure...It's about time. Blogs have been around for a while, and it seems like I'm the last one to jump on the blogwagon. I don't mind. See, I thought the world was going to why start up a blog if it was just going to get blown to smithereens? Prophecies have so far, been proved wrong. No world evacuations to Mars. Everything is still here. Cockroaches included.

I don't think this will be a themed blog. I have too much on my mind to be consistent. Let's see how things go. I might change my mind.

I'm a momma...a wifey...I could say "stay at home mom". But what's that like? Sit. Stay. Good mom. ? I don't think so. It's not quite like that. I work at home. But not that kind of work that makes money. Just the kind of work that has no pay...unless you get into the whole "parenting is it's own reward" kind of thing. Blahblahblog. Turning rebel infants & pre-schoolers into decent human beings is hard work. That is the work that I'm talking about. And between diapers, nursing, grilled cheese sandwiches, park days, waking nights, & educational cartoons...I get to be myself. Hopefully what I share will be half interesting enough to keep people coming back for more.

That's the David Copperfield of it all. Hope to do this again soon.


oppiejoe said...


NEO said... the freakshow. Don't sit on the furniture, it is sticky.

Mouse said...

Ah, another victim. Sorry, I mean blogger. ;-)

Nettie said...

Welcome Meag! You're not the last to jump on the bandwagon - that's a ride my hubby refuses to catch!

Have fun playing!

Tah said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere.

And of course the cockroaches are still here. They're going to inherit the Earth after we nuke it.

Shawna said...

Hiya, Maegan! Nah, you're not the last, you beat Dave to it by days! I'll be back to read more. And do you mind if I link it on my blog? (makes it easier for me to come back.)