Monday, August 11, 2008

Buy this car!

I would rather sell something at a loss just to have it GONE, than to hang on to it forever to get an extra $50 out of it!

Four people have come by my house & asked if I would sell a car we have sitting in the back yard. It was originally purchased to help my father in law get around and get a job...but he left for Texas before he could even use it.

And those people that stopped? Saw the car at the BACK of an acre. We're not even advertising a sale. So far, the biggest offer we've had is $350, and we can keep the battery (which we purchased new when the old one conked out). That's $50 less than what we paid for it...but I would rather take the $50 loss than have it sitting back there.

I know my neighbors are going to start calling city code enforcement.


oppiejoe said...

I need a car... is it worth $400?

...and do I really want to go 1225 miles to get it?

Maegan said...

Haha! It does drive, but it needs new CV joints. It's an '88 or '89 Nissan Maxima. It probably would not drive 1,225 consecutive you will also have to have it towed to your home. That's only a few bucks per mile, right?