Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things I'm annoyed with today.

  • Jocelynn wouldn't eat breakfast until I gave her milk.
  • I have been dealing with a health insurance claim since last Novemberish & am STILL getting the runaround. JUST PAY ME MY $300 already!
  • There is something wrong with the cable box.
  • We don't have a lawnmower yet.
  • I have to attend a bridal shower for a dear friend and I still haven't purchased a gift...and will probably be running around the day before.
  • Poop. Specifically baby poop. The kind that stinks up the entire house so bad you've got to bundle the old diaper in a plastic bag & then take it outside.
  • Spilled rice. It's just so friggin' hard to clean up!
  • Deadlines. ARGH. I need more time to think before I submit an application.

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