Monday, October 20, 2008

How To: Pop Top Project.

For this project, you will need:

  • 1 pop-top can. I used Progresso soup.
  • 1 safety can opener
  • sticky strip adhesive, craft glue, and strong glue that can be used on metal.
  • decorative paper
  • small gift item
  • scissors and/or paper cutter
  • ribbon
  1. Use safety opener to take lid off can.
  2. Peel away label & wash can/lid.
  3. Cut decorative paper to 11" x 4 ¼".
  4. On one end of paper, attach sticky strip.
  5. You may want to use a small amount of adhesive on the paper, to keep it from slipping off the can as you attach the paper. I used paper mod podge. Just a little bit.
  6. Wrap paper around the can, adhere with the sticky strip.
  7. Cut ribbon to 11". Wrap ribbon around bottom of can adhering with craft glue. I used a pencil eraser to help me hold it down and mash it into place a little better. There is a slight lip/indent where the bottom of the can meets the side.
  8. Fill can with small gifts/goodies. (Idea: Use the individual fruit cocktail cans for a kid's class party.)
  9. Use a heavy duty adhesive that works on metal around rim of lid to seal the lid in place - you may want to set something heavy on top of it - dry for about 24 hours.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Be Mine!

I could not scan this, b/c of the beads & chipboard. So I had to take a picture and I am not sure I like it. But it is here. This was another challenge. I had to use at least 3 different pattern papers and 2 "blingy" type things. I used glitter and beads. I'd like to add a journal spot about where the big pink heart is...but I wanted to type it out and for some reason, I have having issues printing on card stock. Hmm..

Anywho...the pictures are the girls on Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You belong in a zoo..

My mom took Jocelynn to Busch Gardens for the day to hang out with my brother, Cully, who is only in town for a short time before his next duty station.

Best freaked out kid picture EVER! Lol...I know I shouldn't delight in my kid's fear...but Jocelynn is afraid of you get used it. ;) Anyway. She was terrified of these birds. They have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in Jocelynn...but she was totally terrified anyway.'s almost like she's super conceited. EVERYTHING is out to get her. (Jocelynn with my step-dad.)

This is in The Land of The Dragons! It's like a kid play place...mostly for youngish kids. It's really awesome. I used to have a pass to Busch Gardens and would take the kids I babysat...just to get to play in this place!

Cully and Jocelynn in the skyride that takes you above the whole park. See the expression on Cully's face? He's like that all the time...and Jocelynn? Well, her face tells you how she reacts to it. Lol...She gets very annoyed sometimes (but she SO loves him)...and it is hard to explain to her that this is just how boys act. This is what having a brother is like!

This was the morning mom took off to Busch Gardens. I was taking Anicah to her one year check up. So we got a picture of the baby girl with her uncle. This trip to see us was the first time ever that Cully had seen Anicah. He was out of the country when she was born. We got a phone call and a gift shipped from a website...but this is what we were waiting for! I love that my brother loves my babies!

A day to celebrate.

This first photo was the best shot I had of Anicah in her birthday tutu. A lady I was at a craft fair with made this. It's a tutu onesie. (If you think this is adorable and you are okay with spending a lot of money on this type of thing, I highly suggest checking out her stuff: This was a gift for Anicah...from the lady.

And here we have the birthday spread! I did a bunch of finger foods and tea party fare. I also made pumpkin soup. It was pretty awesome. I realize this may not seem like typical kid-party type stuff...but we so rarely get to have a super awesome tea party like this, that I take the chance to do it before my kid becomes enamored with some ridiculous character or something crazy. There are mini quiches, watercress & cucumber sandwiches, berry tarts, shortbread cookies, and curry pumpkin soup. The "birthday cake" was little mini bundts, made of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Since I hand made everything else we skimped on the cake and icing and bought box mix and frosting in a can. Neither tasted like carrots or cream cheese. Bleh. But everything else was friggin' AWESOME!

It was her special day.

During the rehearsal for the wedding, I tried to explain to my daughter how important her job was as flower girl, and how she needed to be on her best behavior and do everything we asked her to do. I was basically trying my best to avoid a four year old's total meltdown. They happen. You can't predict them, you can't stop them...but if you explain things in just the right may be able to prevent one from happening at just the right (wrong?) moment. So, after this little speech, she says, "It's MY special day!" We couldn't help but laugh. Even the bride thought it was cute. The flower girl, took it upon herself to make the Maid of Honor the "assistant to the Flower Girl".

Layout: 1980

Found my late mother-in-laws senior photo. She graduated in 1980. The verse on the bottom I found in her yearbook. I used "Enchante" papers from Stampin' Up. Yes, I know there is a shadow on it...I did a digital stitch, and I can't seem to keep that out of there. And I had to darken it just a tad, otherwise you couldn't see anything on the tag.

I'm such a liar.

Yeah...that last blog entry...I totally did NOT do the craft fair. Sorry. Yes, I know my pants are aflame. BUT, I did do some scrapping for a challenge...which I'll share.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have been and will continue to be SUPER busy. Just an update for September (which is now over...oops!).
Craft fair again - did was a lot busier and we had a lot more interest.
Anicah's birthday - She's ONE! Had a little birthday party to celebrate with family.
My brother is home - he's finally home from England. He was stationed at RAF Lakenheath for about 2 years. He is just visiting now, but will set off to his next duty station soon. Watch out New Mexico.

Things upcoming:
MORE craft fairs. This time they are a little closer...and also more expensive. Ugh. It's a parking space people...if I wasn't giving you money, there would be a CAR IN IT. Oh well, hopefully they charge more b/c they have so much traffic. That is at the end of the month...My regular fair will be next week...and I have tried to get info about a fair that holds every Saturday in October. No luck. Oh well.

I have also gotten involved in a scrap challenge that lasts for the whole month of October. So in addition to preparing for the craft fairs, I am doing some things of my own. I will get a link to the scrap challenge as soon as I can...I will also be putting some of my work up on the blog. Apparently that's good exposure. ;)