Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have been and will continue to be SUPER busy. Just an update for September (which is now over...oops!).
Craft fair again - did was a lot busier and we had a lot more interest.
Anicah's birthday - She's ONE! Had a little birthday party to celebrate with family.
My brother is home - he's finally home from England. He was stationed at RAF Lakenheath for about 2 years. He is just visiting now, but will set off to his next duty station soon. Watch out New Mexico.

Things upcoming:
MORE craft fairs. This time they are a little closer...and also more expensive. Ugh. It's a parking space people...if I wasn't giving you money, there would be a CAR IN IT. Oh well, hopefully they charge more b/c they have so much traffic. That is at the end of the month...My regular fair will be next week...and I have tried to get info about a fair that holds every Saturday in October. No luck. Oh well.

I have also gotten involved in a scrap challenge that lasts for the whole month of October. So in addition to preparing for the craft fairs, I am doing some things of my own. I will get a link to the scrap challenge as soon as I can...I will also be putting some of my work up on the blog. Apparently that's good exposure. ;)

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