Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You belong in a zoo..

My mom took Jocelynn to Busch Gardens for the day to hang out with my brother, Cully, who is only in town for a short time before his next duty station.

Best freaked out kid picture EVER! Lol...I know I shouldn't delight in my kid's fear...but Jocelynn is afraid of you get used it. ;) Anyway. She was terrified of these birds. They have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in Jocelynn...but she was totally terrified anyway.'s almost like she's super conceited. EVERYTHING is out to get her. (Jocelynn with my step-dad.)

This is in The Land of The Dragons! It's like a kid play place...mostly for youngish kids. It's really awesome. I used to have a pass to Busch Gardens and would take the kids I babysat...just to get to play in this place!

Cully and Jocelynn in the skyride that takes you above the whole park. See the expression on Cully's face? He's like that all the time...and Jocelynn? Well, her face tells you how she reacts to it. Lol...She gets very annoyed sometimes (but she SO loves him)...and it is hard to explain to her that this is just how boys act. This is what having a brother is like!

This was the morning mom took off to Busch Gardens. I was taking Anicah to her one year check up. So we got a picture of the baby girl with her uncle. This trip to see us was the first time ever that Cully had seen Anicah. He was out of the country when she was born. We got a phone call and a gift shipped from a website...but this is what we were waiting for! I love that my brother loves my babies!


Acci said...

Hurrah for everyone having fun, even if it is terrorised fun!

". . .this is just how boys act."


oppiejoe said...

Nice pics :)

Missy said...

OMG that bird picture would be me. Now at 32 yrs old lol.