Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stinky kitchens & kiddo woes.

I am so very tired...but there is a stink in my kitchen that I just cannot get rid of! I can't figure out where it's coming from. This happens every now & again. It definitely does not smell like an animal or something gross. (Ugh, I actually just dry heaved a little thinking about it.) It smells like spoiled food. It smells stronger the closer I get to the sink. Maybe something is trapped in the pipe? The water isn't clogging up or anything. But gross.

Also...I am not sure what's happening to my kiddo's clothes. When I buy clothes, I am usually ready to do it when practically everything needs to be replaced. One big buy & then I wait for another growth spurt. Last time I shopped I got a bunch of stretchy leggings (I think 4 pairs). Two pairs of jeans (and brought 2 pairs out of a closet that I had found earlier on clearance for $1.50 each!), about 8 different shirts that would be for school & church (the old shirts went into the 'play clothes' drawer), one skirt with a Hannah Montana t-shirt (I tend to stay away from character stuff, but it was a reward for some good behavior)...some new socks & a pair of canvas shoes that were sort of 'ballet flat' style. Not like sneakers. Well, now I am down to about 2 pairs of leggings (one missing, one with a hole in the knee), 2 pairs of jeans (the other 2 are missing), 3 shirts (NO clue where the shirts have gone)...and the shoes smell like old seaweed & sweat.

I am not in a position to go out for more clothes. We're not due for that until closer to spring...when usually I change the season of her clothes!

Oh...did I mention the hoodie jacket that was super cute until it got ruined by a mysterious yellow/brown stain that won't come out? It happened at my mother's house. Hmm. I had to pull out an older jacket that is a little too short in the sleeves. Hopefully we won't have many more freezing days. Someone gave me a poncho thing for Jocelynn...but she won't wear it. It confuses her. She's not stupid...but everything she has worn up to now has had SLEEVES in it. She just does not get the concept of no sleeves.

So, here I am. Awake. Because of a stink. I am also trying to do laundry, hoping the clothes will somehow turn up. They are not in my car, and not at the grandma's house! If anyone sees them...please return!


Shawna said...

I totally get the frustration of missing clothes. In my house, it's generally socks. My boys used to take their shoes and socks off at their friends' houses, and return home wearing only their shoes. I've also had issues with them wearing their little sister's socks (quite a feat, since at the time, she was still in little kids' sizes and they were in adults').

Just a suggestion, but you might want to rummage around in her closet or toybox for her clothes. That's where a lot of my daughter's have wandered off to. Hope they turn up soon!


Maegan said...

Jocelynn is actually really good about stuffing her socks into her shoes when she takes them off. But she also wears them on her hands for "mittens" so I wash them twice as often as if she were just wearing them on her feet.

Good suggestion about the toy box...I went to her 'dress up' bag & found one of the nicer shirts she's been missing. The laundry turned up not as much as I hoped. Still missing most of her shirts!