Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank you!

I was in a Publix grocery store on Saturday afternoon. My kids were crying, I was annoyed...I left my list & because of all the tears, I couldn't even think of what I needed. A total stranger calmed my kids down. (I normally avoid people "trying" to help...but today I just wanted them to be quiet!) Then I got into the checkout lane.

I am not normally a chatty person...but I had a short conversation with the woman in front me me. I made a joke because she left her purse at the end of the conveyor belt. "Haha, better not leave this, or I might use it for my groceries!" She [seriously] suggested she could pay for my groceries if I needed her to. I reassured her that it wasn't necessary, I really was just joking earlier.

Well, she didn't seem to accept that. While she finished up with the clerk and I loaded my things onto the conveyor belt, she secretly gave the clerk $100 for my groceries. When the clerk explained, I cried...good tears! She found me in the parking lot & she wanted to make sure it had been enough to cover everything...she was just so sweet. I couldn't thank her enough. She said it wasn't necessary, she was grateful for the sacrifices my family was making, and it was the very least she could do. (She was referencing the part of our conversation when I discussed what my husband did for a living.)

I do not feel like I deserved this kindness...but I accepted it. There are still people in this world with beautiful hearts...and a desire to make others experience joy & happiness. God Bless.


Shawna said...

I don't think I posted on the Forum thread that you started about this, but what that lady did was so very awesome! And so is what your hubby is doing. I know some people won't agree with me, but his willingness to offer his life for our country makes him a hero in my book. And thank you, too, Maegan, for sharing him. God bless you and your family.

Maegan said...

Thanks...your comments are sweet. :)