Friday, June 26, 2009

Do I smell bananas?

The little one has a double ear infection! Joy of joys. I knew she had been extra cranky today...I just thought it was her teeth. Then her temp went from a cool 96 to 98.9 in about 2 hours. (Her temp is normally is mine, it's weird, but true.) Thought it might be a good time for a visit to our local urgent care (I am actually starting to prefer them to her old pediatrician, and b/c of them, I haven't seen our military provided docs, yet!). At the urgent care they took her temp again (about 2 hours after I took it). It was a whopping 103.2! They gave her some motrin, did a quick exam, and we were out of there with a script for some meds.

Once home I tried to give a dose of the medicine. I had to fight to get it in, and I might have been a little agressive with the syringe, because within two minutes there was vomit on the kitchen floor. Wait...does that smell like...oh yeah, she had banana with dinner. Awesome.

Cleaned her up, gave her half a dose of medicine this time, she screamed like a banshee, but then I put her in her bed with the portable DVD player & her favorite Charlie & Lola DVD. She is OUT. I hope she sleeps all night. I have to make some cards for a friend in the morning and will need to have my wits about me to match colors & patterns.

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