Thursday, July 30, 2009


My mom offered to treat my girls and I to a movie on Sunday. We saw the Disney movie G-Force. Ya know...Guinea pigs can talk & they save the world? That one. It was cute...the girls seemed to enjoy it plenty. We saw it before noon, and our local theater does tickets for $5 before it wasn't too expensive to get us all in, plus the little one doesn't need to be paid for yet.

We got everyone settled, and I went out to get the girls some popcorn. My dad followed me out, also to get popcorn for himself & a water for my mom. Corn & water. Two of the cheapest commodities on the planet. He paid $10.50 for a bottle of water, and a "small" popcorn (which seemed rather large to me). For $11.75 I got a small popcorn and a large drink. That I'm used to...I just find it rather amazing at the markup that goes into some products. CORN AND WATER, FOLKS!! It's CRAZY. I hardly ever get to go to the movies. I've been a couple of times this summer because of the summer movie camp that AMC hosts.

I might make more of an effort to go if I knew I wasn't spending more for corn & a sugary carbonated beverage than I do to feed my whole family at a fast food joint! (The girls and I eat at CiCi's Pizza for just under $11.) Although, I will say Kudos to Regency's theater management...they DO allow you to bring in outside food. There are even advertisements on the windows of the nearby restaurants that say, "Bring our food into the movie!" All those years of sneaking Dr. Peppers & peanut M&Ms...and there was no need to sneak, lol. :)