Friday, August 7, 2009

Australian Anti-Vax!

First, this isn't original...Was posted elsewhere and it sparked my curiosity.

The link that sparked my post!

Second: I am not Pro or Anti vaccination myself. Personally, I wish I did not have to vaccinate my children, but I have. I realize their general exposure to really deadly things like Polio, Pertussis, Measles, & Mumps are relatively low. That said, I know we come into contact with more people (from more places) now, than ever. We get our food from all over the world. The people who plant, pick, ship, & prepare our foods come from all over the world. They may be carriers of certain diseases that, when not properly vaccinated against, could easily pass to our families. (Typhoid Mary sound familiar?)

Third: Heavy metals are in a lot of things...more unnatural things occur in our foods & things we are daily exposed to than 50 or 60 years ago. So I do not feel you can blame vaccines for the high rate of autism. The autism spectrum itself is quite broad...from a kid who won't look you in the eye, to a kid who bangs his head into the wall repeatedly while screaming & fighting during any attempt at human interraction. It also occurs more in boys than girls. Autism according to Wiki. Ya know what else occurs more in boys than girls? A penis.

Anywho...I did want to pass on this blog/article, b/c I feel like if people are being deceived because they are ONLY getting their information from one place & thinking it's going to be unbiased they are wrong. BIG WRONG. Find different sources of information. If one person is telling you something you have *never* heard before...verify it. Find it at a different source unrelated to that person! Do what is best for your child...whether that means a vaccine or not. Just keep in mind that most of the side effects to the vaccines given to infants and children are mild compared to death. A few vaccine side-effects.

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Acci said...

The thing about the heavy metals in vaccines is a bit misleading, too. It's not just the presence of mercury, for example. It's the type of mercury. Mercury is simply an atom, it is what other atoms it is connected to in a molecule that makes it dangerous. . .or not dangerous. Sort of like oxygen: oxygen occurs in both air and water. In fact, there's more of it in water than in air. But is breathing water the same as breathing air? No. That's because the oxygen in air is combined into a different molecule than is the oxygen in water.

The mercury that is sometimes used in vaccines is a completely different molecule than is the mercury that causes all the brain damage and poisonings and the like. It has been tested many many times and is not dangerous at the levels it is used in. In fact, it is not dangerous at many, many, many times greater levels than it is used at.

And sadly, the "while polio has virtually disappeared" part on that article isn't true any more. Due to people becoming scared of vaccines, polio has gone from being a rare disease limited to the backwoods of two poor African countries to being scattered all over the world again. It's even popping up in industrialised nations like England. It will take decades to get it back under control, if not longer.