Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Changes for a big girl!

Jocelynn starts school soon! I'm taking her tonight to her open house. Also picking up her uniform shirts! It's so weird. I am not worried about how she'll be at school or anything, b/c she did VPK for a while 5 days a week. She had her on days & her off days...but seemed to excel just fine academically & socially.

We downloaded her supply list a few weeks ago & have everything on the list...except for the planner we have to buy from the school. I am not sure what to put in her lunch box yet. She took a lunchbox to daycare for a while when she was 2 & 3. She ate everything at first, but halfway through, she stopped eating all together. Hrm. I don't want to feed her junk, but I don't want her to go hungry. She likes those uncrustable things...but I haven't found the wheat bread ones yet...even though I know I have seen them.

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Acci said...

Fill the lunchbox with dead beetles for the first few days. Then fill it with nice healthy foods. Compared to the dead beetles, the health food will look appetising to her and she'll eat it.