Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I know how to read.

One of my biggest pet peeves is being handed or shown written material (slides, power point, booklets, handouts, whatever!!) and then HAVING SOMEONE ELSE READ IT TO ME. I learned to read before Kindergarten. It's been serving me pretty well since.

So at last night's "open house", a couple of people stood in the front of the room and read off slides so parents and kids understood what would be happening on the first day of school. This is the first year the school has been open, so I do understand that they have to set up everything from scratch...and then get parents to follow the rules from the start. Except this was a huge time waste.

Every last bit of the information that was given was information I found on their website weeks ago! I have been asked to come to this school 3 times already...each and every time a waste. First there was a "registration" process. Well, I had already mailed my packet in by mail a few weeks earlier. The automated call I received did not indicate that as a result, I would not be needed at the school that night. While I was there they said I could take care of Jocelynn's emergency card. I had already filled out that information on the application...whatever, I can fill it out on a card, now. They wanted a copy of my driver's license & Jocelynn's birth certificate. Neither of which they could do b/c they couldn't get the copier to work. I was allowed to order uniforms that night, but was not really prepared to do so monetarily. So I left after filling out the card.

I got a call from an actual person a few weeks later. The school still needed a copy of Jocelynn's birth certificate. I wondered if I should make the copy myself, but I knew that if I did they would say they needed to see that the copy was from the I went without making a copy at home. When I arrived someone was talking about testing, scores, etc. I looked around & found a guy that looked like he belonged with the school. "Hi, I need to submit a copy of my daughter's birth certificate." Okay, I can take it. "No, I need someone to make the copy." We can't do that right now. Do you want me to take the original. "::sigh:: No, I don't."

Then last night was just horrible. I had to park in BFE, I'm holding hands with Anicah, who is holding hands with Jocelynn...and we are walking through some tall grass (well, in comparison to my kids). I stepped in a whole and nearly broke my damn ankle. I get into the building where they are doing the program...and about half the rows are empty on the side closest to the wall. A bunch of people stopped right into the middle of the aisle instead of moving down to the end. So, I had my choice of 1 or 2 seats for the 3 of us. I chose 2...and after 15 minutes left, b/c I realized I already knew all of this information. If this is any clue of things to come while Jocelynn is in this school...I hope the Army moves us ASAP!!


NEO said...

Maybe you will get moved to Alaska.

Maegan said...

No thank you...just someplace with an established school that doesn't feel the need to call me in every 3 or 4 weeks for nothing!!

Acci said...

Perhaps they'll move you all out to Area 51! Then your kids can learn by means of telepathy without even having to leave the house.

Maegan said...

I would be okay with that.

Shawna said...

Maybe they only read the information in case someone couldn't see it, due to having someone else's head in the way, or forgetting their contacts or glasses?

Otherwise, it sounds like the school is trying hard, but doesn't quite have its act together yet.