Thursday, August 13, 2009

I seem to be extra cranky this week!

So I bought this gorgeous bedding ensemble.
Eight pieces for $80. And since it was from Overstock, I only paid about $3 for shipping (LOVE THAT!). Anywho...It arrived one day, I pulled it apart & washed it, then folded it all neatly & put it away. My plan was to put my Queen bed into the girl's bedroom (to share), so that I can replace it with a King bed. (I briefly thought of doing 2 twin beds for the girls, but thought it would take up too much space in the room, and Jocelynn kept saying she would probably sleep in Anicah's bed so "Anicah won't be scared".) I finally order the King bed, and go ahead & put the Queen bed into the girls' room. I figure I can sleep on the sofa bed while I actually finish paying for the King bed & wait for it to be delivered.
I put the dust ruffle onto the Queen box spring. It doesn't fit. Hmm...Just a simple dimensional mistake?? I load the mattress onto the box spring (and ill-fitting dust ruffle). I get out the 2 mattress pads I have. One is fluffy, one is protective. And I think to myself, "Well, lemme just double check the fitted sheet, I'd hate to do all this and it doesn't FIT." And no surprise...the fitted sheet didn't fit. There are no dimensions on the sheets or dust ruffle. The dimensions on the comforter are appropriate for a Queen bed. I contact Overstock, they agreed to send me a shipping label so the shipping costs wouldn't come out of my refund (which is how it works...if I send something back, I pay actual shipping!). Then I see that the ensemble is no longer available AT ALL. I try to look for something similar, I really would like something with all the pieces...I think it makes it easier for me to find other things to match it later if necessary. I also think it just looks nice on the bed. I find 3, 5, & 7 piece ensembles...but they cost a LOT more than the one I originally purchased. I contact Overstock (emailed...after 3 days & no response, I call). Would Overstock be willing to pay the difference between my previous purchase & the purchase I'd like to make? Because, now in addition to purchasing the ensemble, I may have to also purchase additional sheets, or a dust ruffle separately.
After a long wait, the rep comes back on the line, "No, sorry, they won't do it, although I did really try to emphasize your problem & hoped they would do it." It never hurts to ask, I suppose. And additionally, "Since you've already returned the bedding, I'll push your refund through so you can buy something else..." That was nice of her. But I have a couple of coupons for Steinmart...and will stop in there today to see what they have. I bought my King bedding from Steinmart for a terrific deal. It was originally $200, but I paid $52! Love it!


Acci said...

We've come to know and love you even when you are cranky, Maegan. Don't fret (it makes it harder for us to fit the straight-jacket to you).

Maegan said...

...You made me laugh, which coughed drink into my nose! Thanks. :p

Acci said...

So now you'll be cranky AND making weird dribbling snorting sounds. Interesting. At least we'll be able to hear you coming, and so run away and hide.