Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last complaint of the week, I promise!

I could scream. I think retailers are SO STUPID! Why would they pull out their fall items NOW? I realize a lot of the country is making the change to autumn, but NOT here! I would really just like a retailer to hold off by about 4 weeks before putting up the Autumn signage & clothing. Seriously.


Acci said...

What sometimes annoys me a bit is when they put out the stuff for next season well before time. . .and put away the stuff for the current season. What if you urgently need a shirt to wear now, not two months from now?

Maegan said...

Exactly!! I walked into a children's clothing store and all the summer stuff was on sale...but not yet reduced low enough for me to consider it a real bargain or anything. And then all the stuff that's on display had really great deals like "Buy 1 Get 1". That's great that I can get 2 sweaters for $10...but I actually need a few tanktops, and I don't want to pay $8 a piece for them. 50 cents off the original price is NOT a markdown.

Shawna said...

I've never understood clothing retailers. Crafts, I "get." After all, if crafters are making things for craft sales/shows, or for gifts, they have to have the items well in advance. Clothing could wait until about 4 weeks before the actual start of the next season, and at that time, clearance out the current season's clothes.

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