Monday, September 28, 2009

I think titles are overrated.

My mom took the girls to the beach for a bit this weekend, cute pics from that. Eric comes home soon...I feel anxious and excited. As I count down this last 30 days and I feel that excitement of one more day gone...I also feel a little sad, b/c I know that when he gets here for his 30 days, I will be counting down that exact same length of time. I went from 30 to 20 days really quickly. I didn't even realized it was going by.

I wanted to do SO MUCH when he got here...but now I don't want to do anything but lock the family in the house for his 30 days and try and just exist together in the same place for as long as possible.

I think I am staying in Florida while he deploys. I think it will be easiest on Jocelynn. At least let her finish out the school year. Maybe go to the new Post during the summer. Get used to living in a new place before we have to also get used to living in SNOW. I had planned on having our house all packed up and ready to go...and with everything in it's place I feel weird. And sad.

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