Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Daze.

Soo...I may have mentioned I feel like I am being punked every time I show up at Jocelynn's school. If I show up on time (or just before time) I might wait anywhere from 10-25 minutes to do the drop off or pick up. If I arrive 2 minutes later...it's a ghost town and everyone has disappeared.

Morning: Leave home 8:15. Arrive at school approximately 8:25. Sit in line for 14 minutes.
Afternoon: Leave home 2:55. Arrive at school about 3:00. (And surprisingly, there are already about 15 cars ahead of me.) School lets out 3:30. I sit in line for approximately 40 minutes.

Morning: Leave home 8:20. Arrive at school 8:30. Gates closed. Classes already started. I have to sign Jocelynn in, she takes a tardy pass to her classroom.
Afternoon: Leave home 3:30. Arrive at 3:41, I am the only parent in the parking lot. I wonder if it was a half-day and I effed up big time. I see a teacher, she says all kids left in line after the pick up line ends would be in the aftercare.

I don't understand how they're doing it! It must be a complicated system of walkie talkies, traffic light manipulation, and underground storage where they are hiding all the other parent vehicles! (Unless it's so very elaborate that all the other parents are in on it too!)

I paid $7 for a school agenda...It's basically a book with a calendar, and a reading list. Jocelynn is too young to understand the extra information in it. Times tables, measurement conversion charts...history blurbs. I could have printed out a calendar from my computer and ripped a sheet out of a spiral notebook to write down the reading list. I am sure it's more helpful for older students who have multiple subjects, teachers, and projects that need to be completed. But in Kindergarten...Usually it's just a little smiley face. Sometimes there is a note paper clipped to it to let me know things like...there is a child with peanut allergies in her class.

Of course, I didn't need a piece of paper to let me know that. Jocelynn is BEST FRIENDS with the peanut allergy kid! "Mom, don't send peanut butter in my lunch box because that means I can't sit with my friend at lunch!" Oh. Joy.

When does summer start?


Smerk said...

Summer starts...December 1st... ;-)

Maegan said...

Lol...Only if you're upside down...:D