Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My "baby" turned 2. I think we need to cut the baby talk...I often call her girl, where's the baby...etc. And the other day she was playing with one of those little doohickeys that help you bathe a newborn in the tub. It's just a little reclining thing to help keep baby's head above water. She says, "What is it?" Mommy used it to give you a bath when you were a baby...but you got bigger and didn't need it anymore. She got sort of angry looking and said, "NO! I'm not bigger! I'm a baby!" news for ya chicky. You *are* bigger!

She's still not using a toilet. In fact, she won't even sit on it. Or go near it. But she will let me know when her diaper needs to be changed. It's actually a little weird. "Mooooooommy!" What? "Diiiiiiiiaper!" You want mom to change your diaper? "UH-HUH!" As if I'm an imbecile. I dunno, maybe to a 2 year old, I am an imbecile. :)

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