Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dashing all the way...

Our family will be making a whirlwind trip to Florida soon! Hopefully it won't be too crazy, the gas prices won't be too high, and no one will get carsick.

Maybe we don't have to worry about gas prices?

Monday, October 18, 2010

15 minutes of crafty!

I did a little crafty project for Anicah's birthday. Since it's more craft and less ABOUT her birthday I wanted to do it separately. Enjoy.

It's that time of year again!

Anicah turned 3 at the end of September. This year was not only without daddy but also without grandma, grandpa, aunt, & uncles! I am not normally a party parent. We celebrate milestone birthdays, but still have a "family day" with the grandparents, and any family that happens to be in town for the non-milestone years.

This year is different. The "family" is mom & sis. That's it! Which isn't different than any other day, except there might be cake. So I folded. I did a party for a 3 yr old. I will say, I thoroughly enjoyed it...and I hope the other participants did. Anicah seemed to!

In case you want to reminisce about other birthdays, you'll find details in the links. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jocelynn was refusing to smile for pictures...So dad had to tickle her! It seems to have worked. This was the night before he left. I love when Anicah does her "cheese" smile...And due to freakin' not being able to get any other photos to post, THIS IS IT!! Argh!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Who burned the Bacon?

The newest addition to our family has passed. It took just 5 weeks for me to single handedly mastermind the demise of our second guinea pig.

I thought he was cold. So I turned on the heat, and put some cloth scraps into his cage so he could make a nest. Turns out shivering in guinea pigs is usually a sign of disease.

Sorry, dude.

We couldn't even give him a proper burial, since we can't bury dead animals in our yards on post.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Rest of Rest & Relaxation.

Having my husband home was awesome. Our little family felt truly complete for those 15 days! We enjoyed each other's company very much. I loved cooking again for the family (when it's just the girls and myself...dinner is lacking!), the girls were glad to have their dad to play with and do daddy things...and things mommy just can't do the same while dad's gone.

It was very sad to see him go. I don't know if the girls really understood how R&R worked...that he wasn't home for good. We both tried to explain it, but they still seemed confused when we left the airport without him.

At least this means the deployment is nearing it's end. According to my donut o'misery, it's not much longer. Although...that may be a little bit off based on some new info. I can't say more...I don't wanna start rumors! ;)
I had pictures for this posting...but somethings up with the alignment...I'll post them separately.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

R&R So Far...

Has been AWESOME!

The girls love having their daddy at home...even if Anicah pretends she doesn't...and she has flat out refused to travel to Afghanistan in daddy's duffel bag (even with the promise of Pepsi & Cheetos, haha)...but I can tell she likes having dad around.

I certainly didn't miss cleaning up after a man for the past 8 months...but I am SO GLAD he is home for a bit. (To be fair, do I EVER like cleaning up? No!)

I can already tell our 15 days are going way too fast!

My parents were here for a bit...they were not supposed to coincide with his arrival, but through various travel related circumstances they did! Things worked out...and even though they couldn't stay at a hotel in town b/c of some Fireman's convention (seriously...EVERY hotel we called was booked!), they did have their own car & were able to take the girls out & give the adults some quiet time. :)

And THANKS to my wonderful parents we are now out of booze...but we have a giftcard to a hotel in Syracuse! We are going to go to Syracuse the night before my husband's flight...and we won't have to make the trek down to the airport with two sleepy kids at 3 in the morning! SWEEEET!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drugs? Yes, please!

So I just left this page: Scary Mommy: An honest look at motherhood.

A friend showed it to me b/c this mommy used an f-bomb in a status update, and there was once a little debacle after I did the same. Someone actually called my mommy on *me*. No kidding.

So I stuck around, because I figured any mom who can drop an F-bomb on her page & take the heat that comes with it (and throw some back, too!) is pretty cool, and definitely not that scary.

Then just over the last few days I read a post about dosing kids with medicine. I shared my opinion (which I always feel is just opinion...I wasn't giving ADVICE for gosh sakes!). And was quickly told (by another poster, not the Scary Mommy), "You don't belong on this blog site. Go to the perfect-parent blog site and say hi to all the jackholes there for me." Wow. I think this poster was in particular upset that I would hide my OTC meds from a non-family babysitter.

My opinion? That I don't think meds should be used for reasons other than what their label says they should be used for. Cold medicine is for colds. Allergy medicine is for allergies. Neither of them are sleeping meds, and frankly, to give a child a medicine for a reason other than the intended use (as in, to relieve a fever or decongest a stuffy nose) is dangerous.

At the very least, I know I am not scary! I always thought I was very honest in my motherhood and parenting attitude!

Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day to Remember...

"Better than honor and glory, and History's iron pen,

Was the thought of duty done and the love of his fellow-men."

-Richard Watson Gilder

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blog who?

I know I haven't blogged and I have so many fans hanging on every word...Its just been busy and I haven't really done anything blog-worthy!

I do have some pictures of things I could post when I get a few minutes...and I think some crafty things are coming this way.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is a frickin' laser beam too much to ask?

I had a do-it-yourself fail. My dad taught me the old, "Measure twice, cut once!" Boy was I tired of hearing that as a kid. But I remembered it. And even though I wasn't cutting anything, I still thought it applied to gouging holes in walls.

I measured twice. I used a pencil to mark off my points. I drilled...I failed. The shelf was crooked. I tried to see if I could get away with just moving one of the holes. Then I accidentally rammed the wall anchor so far into the wall it disappeared.

So I redid them both. I measured again. I marked where I needed to drill. I measured the marks. I re-marked, because it looked just off enough to be a problem. Wall anchors, screws, shelf. Level. Ugh.

I moved the anchors a third time. This time I almost had it. But now the anchors were so worn out, the whole thing tipped forward.

I facebooked it...a friend said they see a laser level in my future. They were right. Frickin' laser beams, here I come. (And if you know of a certain Dr. Evil, you'll know my use of "frickin'" is not gratuitous.)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Remember that time...

I am sort of stealing this idea from another blog (where my response was very similar to what you'll read here)...but I think she just put it into words so I could expound a little better on it myself.

Anecdotes. We've all got them...especially from our pre-child days. Wild tales, midnight adventures, and big big drama.

As a mom? Now...not so much. I mean the most I've got is, "I was at Panera the other day, and while I was putting the straw into the organic chocolate milk carton..." get the idea.

Will we ever have those fun anecdotes again where we're laughing so hard we can hardly finish the phrase, "So when the POLICE showed up..."?

The worst anecdotes are the ones where you realize partway through that this is one of those, "I guess you had to be there," moments. You desperately try to find a way out in your head, maybe embellish the story a little. Don't DO IT! Just pretend you got a call on your cell...everyone will be so grateful you've stopped talking that they won't bring it up again! You'll be home free.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Anicah wasn't really a talker until recently. Maybe the last few months or so she really started talking a lot more than her standard "Mmmhmm," responses to most anything.

Things she has said recently:
  • I kissed a werewolf.
  • Mom, I don't eat poop!
  • More fuzzy drinks, please! (carbonated beverages = fuzzy drinks)
  • Show me your belly!
  • I itchy. [Where?] My butt.
  • Moooore farkelly!!! (farkelly - sparkly)
  • Can I have some jelly butter? (jelly butter = peanut butter & jelly)
  • I has my baby my bottle.

She's just so darned straight forward about everything she says! She doesn't say anything like she's ever asking a question or unsure of what to's just this statement that she blurts out with no care about how it might be interpreted. She's SURE you're going to understand her right away. Jocelynn is beyond all this "baby talk"...but I am still quite amazed by her imagination.

Things Jocelynn has talked about recently:

  • (After accusing Anicah of lying about kissing a werewolf, and my rebuttal that Anicah might have dreamed it...) Mom! Anicah doesn't DREAM. I never see a cloud over her head.
  • I'm going to play house with Anicah. She's the husband...but pretend she's a man. And taller.
  • MOOOM! We can't go to Canada. We don't speak Canadian.
  • I like washing dishes! (Keeping this for future reference only.)
  • Cleaning is boring...Mom, you should do it.
  • I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm SIX. That's an adult.
  • I can't wait until I'm a teenager...So I can move out! (Keeping this for future reference, also.)

Oh the joys...

Worst week EVER.

Mid-winter break is possibly the worst week ever. It's too gross to actually go outside & do anything...but we're all going crazy indoors. This kind of thing doesn't happen in Florida. I really wish I was back in Florida.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love you long time...

Valentine's Day is coming up! Interesting what has become of a holiday that used to involve people beating each other with wolf pelts.

No big plans for the girls and I yet. I've sold some things on Amazon for a little extra cash to give us some activities to do. The kindergartner has a "mid-winter break" in school the week after Valentine's. We might take a little time to do some things then.

I think I might start a 52 week project to do for Eric to see when he gets home. A scrapbook with a layout a week of what the girls have been doing...even if it's boring stuff, I think it'll be fun to give the girls something to do & share with daddy when he gets home. This means I might be about 2 weeks behind already, but I'll catch up! I hope!!

We've met a lot of fun people recently...even some who are into scrap booking. I'll be babysitting in the last part of the month for a friend who is getting a job (earlier than she anticipated) and needs a few weeks of care for her infant & toddler. Little one has met the toddler already and they were very friendly with each other.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What are you afraid of??

I was filling out an online security doohickey the other night. I had to pick 15 security questions. No, that isn't a typo.

So I pick my 15 questions, and it gives me a dozen or so "standard answers" which are just options with a radio button next to them to choose. I could also enter my own answer manually, by typing it in, but was discouraged from doing so because the prompter advised I could fall victim to a keystroke logger. I did choose to write in some of my own answers, b/c I knew I would remember them a little better. I found one a tad amusing, though:

What scares you the most:
  • Being Alone
  • Death
  • Getting Caught
  • Men
  • Speaking in Public
  • Birds
  • Drowning
  • Heights
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Children
  • Driving
  • Insects
  • Snakes
  • Tests
  • Closed Places
  • Flying
  • Marriage
  • Social Events
  • Women

That's um...Weird right?? I mean, some of them seem pretty standard as far as fears go...but "Children"?? I know they can smell fear and all...but there's really no need to fear them. Most adults can easily outrun a child. :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Adventure time!!

FRESH OFF THE JET!! Donut of Misery has started...and I am ready to go on an adventure with my girlies!

Adventuring will start after we get paid, lol. We're in a new place, surrounded by new things, and I hope we can take advantage of that. I'm making some lists (checking them twice?) and trying to map out some different things for us to experience, keep us busy, and keep us sane.

If you would like your own DoM, check this one out...It is an excel download. :)
Donut of Misery

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So much to decorate, so little time?

Almost fully moved in to the new digs. I left some things in the garage, because they aren't totally essential, and I want to see if they even need to come inside. We tried to move in a little at a time. Loading in the bed, bath, & kitchen necessities. Then the living room & office...and my craft room (yippee!). Even though we have about 100 square feet less than the old place, things seem much more sparse. Sparser? I had done little to no decorating at the last house. We had intended to rent for a year or so, and ended up there 5 years. It's not like we could paint or anything, but I had a handful of things on the walls. Here, I've already hung a lovely shelf for the entry. I've picked out paint for a dining table project...and might even use the paint to brighten a wall in the kitchen. It's post housing, so we have to return it to it's original shape. Which is cream & beige. Everywhere. Seriously...EVERYWHERE.

I'd like to go with a citrusy orange theme in the kitchen. To get me started, my thoughtful husband bought me my first orange item - a Brita water pitcher! I also need dining chairs. I don't plan on making them match. Whatever I get will be stripped and repainted to match the table. I thought getting some different types of chairs might be a fun touch.

The downstairs bathroom is devoid of all personality! I actually saw some really pretty bamboo bath items, a lovely shade of brown, that I will pair with a soft green. It's a half bath, so I don't need a lot, just a trash can, some hand towels, etc. But I do want it to be inviting to guests.

The bedding in the master bedroom is dark brown. I have a striped, light blue chair for my room...and I think I will try to match that light blue to some paint, and do an accent wall. I might also paint the whole thing, I'm not sure yet. I'm a fan of accent walls...and really it seems like it might save me some money & work later, when I need to repaint to return it to it's original creaminess. I have no bedside tables...I would like to find some, and also a little bench for the end of the bed. The tables will need lamps, I think...maybe.

There is a dining room downstairs that we've converted to a play area for the girls. I'd like to block it off with something like this. Just to keep their area separate from the rest of the room. We have some chalk paint that we're going to use on that! We're in the process of procuring one of those play kitchens. It's taken a while to find exactly the right kind. I want to set it up with little stations like they do at school. I just got them a book case to hold books, among other things.

The living room...oy. I own a love seat...and right now my striped blue chair is visiting downstairs to give us some extra seating. I would really like a big couch in there. Maybe one that has a chaise on one end! Eric says he wants it to look "like a palm tree". ...Green & brown? Coconutty? He's not sure, but he thinks it would be cool. :) So...I will do what I can to make my living room look like a palm tree. And even though we decided no major purchases while he's deployed, I'm going to put my doula money towards getting him a fabulous TV. I dunno what that means right now...I only know ours is "so outdated" (it really is, I agree with him!)...and if we get a new TV, we'll need a new entertainment center...and our DVD player is acting up. We should just switch over to Blu-Ray if we're going to upgrade, right? Just some thoughts. Nothing concrete right now.

I really would like to make this place seem more homey. ...And also park my car in the garage. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year...

The new year always feels a tad anticlimactic. You're sort of waiting for something to change or feel different...sort of like when you were a kid and you had a birthday. You thought for sure you'd feel taller or smarter or something.

I am in a new place for the start of this year, though. My family successfully made it to our first duty station with all limbs attached! I think we really survived so well because we split the kids up. One rode with dad in the big Penske, one rode with mom in the little SUV. Being in such a new place has been a struggle. Getting used to the snow, the cold, the inescapable feeling that with your next breath you're going to officially replace your entire body with cold air and drop to the ground all blue and icy-like. With a new place comes new routines...Oldest now gets to school by bus. I was very nervous for her, but she seems to do okay. I *might* have forgotten to meet the bus two days in a row, but I think that's sorted out. Heh.

This is the first time in over a year I have lived with my husband while he's had a *job*. Haha, that sounds awful, but he left for Basic last February, and I never had to deal with the early morning wake-ups or the return in the evening, just in time for dinner. It's a hard routine to get back in to. And since we've only been living as a family again for a few weeks, it's hard to adjust to the FOOD. The girls and I ate whatever...PB&J, soup, fish sticks, eggs. Now I'm cooking man sized food again! Making actual meals in a kitchen! And last night was a kitchen FAIL. I tried to make bread, but wasn't sure what to do to let it rise in the arctic temperature. Well, whatever I did, didn't work.

Our garage is still full of things that need to be put away...and quickly, since we have a freezer arriving soon. (You may wonder why we need one with 2 feet of snow in the yard...but ...we just need it OKAY?) ...In order to put things away from the garage, the house should be a tad neater than it is right now. ::sigh:: Which means I should publish this and go on!