Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year...

The new year always feels a tad anticlimactic. You're sort of waiting for something to change or feel different...sort of like when you were a kid and you had a birthday. You thought for sure you'd feel taller or smarter or something.

I am in a new place for the start of this year, though. My family successfully made it to our first duty station with all limbs attached! I think we really survived so well because we split the kids up. One rode with dad in the big Penske, one rode with mom in the little SUV. Being in such a new place has been a struggle. Getting used to the snow, the cold, the inescapable feeling that with your next breath you're going to officially replace your entire body with cold air and drop to the ground all blue and icy-like. With a new place comes new routines...Oldest now gets to school by bus. I was very nervous for her, but she seems to do okay. I *might* have forgotten to meet the bus two days in a row, but I think that's sorted out. Heh.

This is the first time in over a year I have lived with my husband while he's had a *job*. Haha, that sounds awful, but he left for Basic last February, and I never had to deal with the early morning wake-ups or the return in the evening, just in time for dinner. It's a hard routine to get back in to. And since we've only been living as a family again for a few weeks, it's hard to adjust to the FOOD. The girls and I ate whatever...PB&J, soup, fish sticks, eggs. Now I'm cooking man sized food again! Making actual meals in a kitchen! And last night was a kitchen FAIL. I tried to make bread, but wasn't sure what to do to let it rise in the arctic temperature. Well, whatever I did, didn't work.

Our garage is still full of things that need to be put away...and quickly, since we have a freezer arriving soon. (You may wonder why we need one with 2 feet of snow in the yard...but ...we just need it OKAY?) ...In order to put things away from the garage, the house should be a tad neater than it is right now. ::sigh:: Which means I should publish this and go on!

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Nettie said...

Urgh, I don't know how you can do it! I would freeze in that climate! Honestly, in our relatively mild winters my teeth don't stop chattering the entire time!