Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So much to decorate, so little time?

Almost fully moved in to the new digs. I left some things in the garage, because they aren't totally essential, and I want to see if they even need to come inside. We tried to move in a little at a time. Loading in the bed, bath, & kitchen necessities. Then the living room & office...and my craft room (yippee!). Even though we have about 100 square feet less than the old place, things seem much more sparse. Sparser? I had done little to no decorating at the last house. We had intended to rent for a year or so, and ended up there 5 years. It's not like we could paint or anything, but I had a handful of things on the walls. Here, I've already hung a lovely shelf for the entry. I've picked out paint for a dining table project...and might even use the paint to brighten a wall in the kitchen. It's post housing, so we have to return it to it's original shape. Which is cream & beige. Everywhere. Seriously...EVERYWHERE.

I'd like to go with a citrusy orange theme in the kitchen. To get me started, my thoughtful husband bought me my first orange item - a Brita water pitcher! I also need dining chairs. I don't plan on making them match. Whatever I get will be stripped and repainted to match the table. I thought getting some different types of chairs might be a fun touch.

The downstairs bathroom is devoid of all personality! I actually saw some really pretty bamboo bath items, a lovely shade of brown, that I will pair with a soft green. It's a half bath, so I don't need a lot, just a trash can, some hand towels, etc. But I do want it to be inviting to guests.

The bedding in the master bedroom is dark brown. I have a striped, light blue chair for my room...and I think I will try to match that light blue to some paint, and do an accent wall. I might also paint the whole thing, I'm not sure yet. I'm a fan of accent walls...and really it seems like it might save me some money & work later, when I need to repaint to return it to it's original creaminess. I have no bedside tables...I would like to find some, and also a little bench for the end of the bed. The tables will need lamps, I think...maybe.

There is a dining room downstairs that we've converted to a play area for the girls. I'd like to block it off with something like this. Just to keep their area separate from the rest of the room. We have some chalk paint that we're going to use on that! We're in the process of procuring one of those play kitchens. It's taken a while to find exactly the right kind. I want to set it up with little stations like they do at school. I just got them a book case to hold books, among other things.

The living room...oy. I own a love seat...and right now my striped blue chair is visiting downstairs to give us some extra seating. I would really like a big couch in there. Maybe one that has a chaise on one end! Eric says he wants it to look "like a palm tree". ...Green & brown? Coconutty? He's not sure, but he thinks it would be cool. :) So...I will do what I can to make my living room look like a palm tree. And even though we decided no major purchases while he's deployed, I'm going to put my doula money towards getting him a fabulous TV. I dunno what that means right now...I only know ours is "so outdated" (it really is, I agree with him!)...and if we get a new TV, we'll need a new entertainment center...and our DVD player is acting up. We should just switch over to Blu-Ray if we're going to upgrade, right? Just some thoughts. Nothing concrete right now.

I really would like to make this place seem more homey. ...And also park my car in the garage. :)


Shawna said...

Sounds like the decorating will be a lot of fun!

And our garage is still full of stuff from our move a year ago. Dave and I were planning on going through it this spring and getting rid of the stuff we really don't want or need, and then repackaging stuff we want to keep stored (for instance, my collector's dolls that I don't have a case for yet). Ambitious, I know...lol

Mouse said...

Planning how to decorate and arrange a new house is great fun!

Maegan said...

Shawna, that's sort of our plan, too, I guess. But I had hoped to have it complete before he left. Not gonna happen!

Nettie said...

Oooh, I *love* feature walls! Our house is quite small so we painted all the walls white so it would make the space feel bigger but then did several feature walls. The only one in the living areas is in the lounge and that's a blue suede effect but we have an awesome bright dark blue in the bedroom. We liked it so much we even painted the doors that colour!

It is so much fun to decorate but also time consuming. You have to be prepared to do one project at a time and not be too frustrated when you're still going a year down the track!