Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is a frickin' laser beam too much to ask?

I had a do-it-yourself fail. My dad taught me the old, "Measure twice, cut once!" Boy was I tired of hearing that as a kid. But I remembered it. And even though I wasn't cutting anything, I still thought it applied to gouging holes in walls.

I measured twice. I used a pencil to mark off my points. I drilled...I failed. The shelf was crooked. I tried to see if I could get away with just moving one of the holes. Then I accidentally rammed the wall anchor so far into the wall it disappeared.

So I redid them both. I measured again. I marked where I needed to drill. I measured the marks. I re-marked, because it looked just off enough to be a problem. Wall anchors, screws, shelf. Level. Ugh.

I moved the anchors a third time. This time I almost had it. But now the anchors were so worn out, the whole thing tipped forward.

I facebooked it...a friend said they see a laser level in my future. They were right. Frickin' laser beams, here I come. (And if you know of a certain Dr. Evil, you'll know my use of "frickin'" is not gratuitous.)


Shannon Willis said...

I hope this shelf is in your scrap room. I miss seeing some of your work.

Maegan said...

Aww, it's not...I am going to try and take care of my scrap room tomorrow. My neighbor wants to get started, too! :)

Nettie said...

Hun, there was one time I put together a DIY bookcase. It ended up being upside down, back to front and backless! My hubby had to take the entire thing apart and do it again from scratch. So kudos to you for even getting it that perfect lol

growingupartists2 said...

Cute site! (saw u at Daphne's)