Tuesday, August 24, 2010

R&R So Far...

Has been AWESOME!

The girls love having their daddy at home...even if Anicah pretends she doesn't...and she has flat out refused to travel to Afghanistan in daddy's duffel bag (even with the promise of Pepsi & Cheetos, haha)...but I can tell she likes having dad around.

I certainly didn't miss cleaning up after a man for the past 8 months...but I am SO GLAD he is home for a bit. (To be fair, do I EVER like cleaning up? No!)

I can already tell our 15 days are going way too fast!

My parents were here for a bit...they were not supposed to coincide with his arrival, but through various travel related circumstances they did! Things worked out...and even though they couldn't stay at a hotel in town b/c of some Fireman's convention (seriously...EVERY hotel we called was booked!), they did have their own car & were able to take the girls out & give the adults some quiet time. :)

And THANKS to my wonderful parents we are now out of booze...but we have a giftcard to a hotel in Syracuse! We are going to go to Syracuse the night before my husband's flight...and we won't have to make the trek down to the airport with two sleepy kids at 3 in the morning! SWEEEET!


MemyselfandMommy said...

I hope that you enjoy every moment of your husband's short visit! Please tell him I said thank you for everything he does for our country.

Michelle said...
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