Monday, October 11, 2010

Who burned the Bacon?

The newest addition to our family has passed. It took just 5 weeks for me to single handedly mastermind the demise of our second guinea pig.

I thought he was cold. So I turned on the heat, and put some cloth scraps into his cage so he could make a nest. Turns out shivering in guinea pigs is usually a sign of disease.

Sorry, dude.

We couldn't even give him a proper burial, since we can't bury dead animals in our yards on post.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Meagan. Fortunately ours has lasted for about 4 years without much 9other than food and water, etc)from our side. I doubt if there would have been ANYTHING you could have done about the piggie even if you HAD known it was sick.

Maegan said...

Yeah...After tooling about on the internet with "shivering guinea pig" and "puffed up guinea pig"...I figured he had an upper respitory infection. Apparently fairly common.

I had intentions of taking him to a local vet for an initial "well visit"...but kind of forgot about it. And apparently the death process takes some time for the animal to totally shut he was probably dying for days anyway...if I'd taken him when he was shivering it would have been too late already.

Erin said...

oh no!! That is so sad but a good lesson for the littles:(