Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Table

I shared it on Facebook...but now I think it's time to go public with this!! The explanation is short. I simply dropped a quart of paint. I'd stored the can in a closet, waiting for just the right time to finish my table project. A project that had started about a year before. I found a table for $30 at a yard sale. It was a sturdy table, in good shape, but well used. I wanted to make it MINE!

Here's what happened instead. I present to you, "The Table", a story in pictures.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kitchen inspiration.

I don't think I ever publicly (well, on the blog) shared the humiliation that was my kitchen table project. Just imagine...orange paint. The color of traffic cones. Orange paint, the color of traffic cones, spilled in my entryway. Forget for a minute that I'm painting my kitchen table traffic cone orange. The important part is that I dropped the can of paint I'd been saving for 6 months in my entry way. I also ruined a carpet cleaner during the cleanup process.

Anywho...My kitchen "theme" is vintangeorangeflorida. All together like that. And I waited until I was visiting "back home" to check out antique & thrift shops to start shopping for items. Well, I visited, I shopped, I have started my kitchen theme. :)

Some of these things are going to be used as decoration, some will be functional...some will be altered slightly to end up as a part of the kitchen...maybe more blog to follow on that one. :)

I also picked up a few things to add to my tea party collection. I bought 2 cups & a tiered serving plate, the pink demi cup is from my mother, so that I would have at least 2 cups for the girls to use. I just hope I can get everything home in one piece. :)