Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where, oh, where has the time gone??

I had plans for things to go up, got busy and it didn't happen! Sorry!

For Valentine's day I had a cutesy little flower-pop craft. It's flowers poked onto the stick of a lollipop. If you need more info, lemme know - but it was kind of easy! :D

I figure we're a few weeks out from St. Patrick's Day, but since I have plans for that, I'll post them now & maybe revisit them a little closer to the big day.

Also, next week is "Mid Winter Break". In case you don't remember how I feel about MWB, let's review last year: Worst Week Ever. I'm hoping this year is better...the husband is home, we have a few play dates set up...I have more friends (yay!)...and we're anticipating a tax refund (we hope, the page wasn't really clear). So it might not be that awful! If there's no followup to this - presume awfulness! ;)

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